Why Give to SFU

  1. Provide multiple pathways for the underserved in pursuit of higher education
  2. Help students to equip themselves with professional careers to serve the community  
  3. Nurture talents to support the community's future development
  4. Help develop students as responsible citizens with whole person education
  5. Help fund the only Catholic higher education institute to become the first Catholic university 
  6. A proven track record of awarding degrees in 20 majors
  7. Your donation will be multiplied under the Government's Research Matching Grant Scheme
  8. Demonstrate your loving care for our community, in particular for the young people
  9. Shower blessings to students, extending your kindness for the future generations
  10. Your donation of HK$100 or above will be tax deductible

Please ACT NOW and make a gift to SFU.

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Current Fundraising Campaigns

"Love.Learn.Inherit" Charity Gift Box

"Love.Learn.Inherit" Charity Art Sale